Tiny House

A Tiny House is a small, mobile and inovative living space. It can be used for permanent residence, as a comfy arbour or a holiday home. It could also be used as a seminar room or an external office. An if you want a change of place, that’s possible! The construction on trailer, swap bodies or other mobile platforms allows the house tob e moved wherever you want to live! The possible applications are as manifold as our customers. The size oft he house, the floor plan, the interior fittings, everything is based on the individual utilization. Therefore, we don’t sell standard houses, each house is custom made and planned with you according to our wishes.

Size & options

There are many possibilities in planning and building a Tiny House. The design is determined by the use of the house. A permanent residence, an arbour, a holiday home, a seminar room, or an external office, the configurations are as manifold as your wishes. A patio, a skylight or a roof-deck? We have the solutions and we can plan and build your house according to your wishes.

Size & weight

The first question is the size of the house. We build houses from 4 to 11 m in length, depending on the space you need for living. The houses can be up to 3,20 m wide and up to 4 m high (including the trailer). It is also possible to build your house without a trailer to have more available space and height in the living area. For the optimal usage of the interior space, we can include pedestals or a second platform for sleeping. With space-saving stairs up to the platform, more storage space can be created. A movable bed can also add to the usable interior space.

The size of the house also determines the weight. We only build with high quality materials, to guarantee a long life span of your house. These materials are often not lightweight. Therefore, just small houses up to 6 x 2,55 x 4 m will be build with a weight under 3,5 t, bigger houses will be heavier.


Form, colour & arrangements

The next thing is the general design and the interior fittings. You can choose the style of the roof, the sort of frontage, the form of the windows and so on. Of course we are there to provide professional advise. If there is for example a limit tot he height of the house, a flat roof will safe room inside. This will also open the possibility of a roof terrace. Skylights add a lot of sunlight tot he interior, independent of the style of roof. If square windows are to commonplace for your taste, a porthole might be a catching option. And of course you can choose every colour you can imagine. The interior fittings can be done completely by us, you can do it on your own or we can build the major components and you do the details. We can customize the furniture for your Tiny House to save space and even create more storage space. Benches and stairs can also function as cabinets or chests and a lounge with a table can easily be converted into a spare bed. More decisions are necessary for your perfect bathroom. If you want to connect your house tot he water network, a normal water closet can be installed. For an arbour, a composting toilet might be a good option.

Ecology & Self-sufficiency

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important topics for you? They are for us! Our houses are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. Wood is a renewable resource, which can be purchased locally. The insulation can be done solely with ecological materials and we use environmentally save products fort he surface treatment of our furniture. Furthermore, a Tiny House is small, so you can save energy for heating compared to a normal house and there are also a lot of possibilities to save water.

You want to be self-sufficient with your Tiny House? We have solutions for that. With solar power or even a wind generator, you can produce your own electricity. And though a water self-sufficiency is not entirely possible under German laws, with sophisticated filter systems in your house or your shower, you can at least save a lot of water and even utilize rain water.


Mobility & transportation

Life can change and sometimes a change of location is necessary – and your Tiny house can come with you! How to travel with your house depends on the size and weight o fit. We can built small houses up to a size of 6 x 2,55 x 4 m with a maximum weight of 3,5 t. In this case, you can drag the trailer with an approriate car by yourself to ist destination. Bigger houses will be heavier than 3,5 t, since we use high quality maetrials and won’t save on that at the expanse oft he quality and longevity of your house. However, heavy houses are still mobile. They could for example be dragged by a tractor with the necessary permissions. The most simple way is to hire a shipping truck company. The house will be loaded on a flat-bed trailer and brought to your desired destination. Houses up to a size of 11 x 3,2 x 3,70 m can be transported this way, the weight is nearly unimportent. The advantafe for you: you don’t need an appropriate vehicle or have t get any permissons. And the whole transport is covered by insurance. Our cooperating shipping truck companies can transport your house throughout all of Europe.
Even without a trailer, your house can still be mobile. It will be shipped to you via a truck company and tower crane will mount it at the desired place. In case of a relocation, it can be broad to your new home at the exact same way.

Cost level & construction period

Do-it-yourself or ready-to-use?

An empty room with bathroom and kitchen oder fully furnished with sheets on the bed – your Tiny House will reach you exactly as you want it. Handcraft is your hobby and you want to finish the interior on your own? No problem, we deliver your Tiny House in every step of development.

Costs as well as construction period comply with the size of the house as well as the degree of the interior fittings.

All prices refer to our smallest model (4,0 x 2,55 x 4,0 m).

shell construction unfurnished:
ca. 8 weeks, from 20.000 €

shell construction partially furnished:

ca. 10 weeks, from 30.000 €

construction fully furnished:

ca. 12 weeks, from 40.000 €


Individual offer & services

Individual offer

To prepare a non-binding offer for you, we need to know what you would like to have. The best option is to discuss your ideas in a personal meeting with us, but telephone or skype interviews are also possible.

Since the demand for Tiny Houses is currently growing strongly, our company is very busy. Therefore, we charge an allowance of 140 € / hour for a detailed consultation. Should we gain your trust and you hand over your project to us, the paid amount will be offset against the purchase price in your offer.

If you already know in detail what you would like to have or of you want to know which questions are important for planning your house, you could also download and fill out our questionnaire. If you have any questions or problems, we can go over the questionnaire together via telephone, skype or in a personal conversation.

We also offer a detailed information brochure on tiny houses and their planning (in German). On 100 pages, every chapter offers information on a specific topic and the pros and cons of the different options. You can purchase the brochure for 19,95 € (incl. shipping within Germany) via our contact form. Please include your postal adress for shipping.

Other services

You already have a building ground but you need help with the building applications? We can help you communicate with the responsible authorities. Our close collaboration with an architect enables us to do building applications in the whole of Germany.

Contact us for an individual offer!

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The Financing of you dream of living in a Tiny House could look like this:
purchasing price 76.000 €
own capital 15.000 €     
loan amount 61.000 €
runtime 15 years
fixed interest rate 10 years
debit interest 2,95% p.a. nominal
monthly rate 338,89 €

The collateralization will be arranged individually, e.g. with our partner:

GLS Bank
contact partner: Henning Zirkel under 0234 5797 5312
Email: baufinanzierung@gls.de

Tel: +49 5175 9849011  Lehrte
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